Welcome To Ease In Your Business

Welcome to more ease in your business baby!! It’s time to level up, feel confident and start actually loving your systems. 

Automate Your Business is a workshop made for the solopreneur, the small business owner, the freelancer, or simply the person who is struggling or a little bit lost with their lists and emails. The backend of your business is supposed to work FOR you, not create more work and frustration. 

This is a LIVE workshop with a very small class size so you will get plenty of hands on training & individualised problem solving. In the end you’ll walk away with a fully set up CRM and a better understanding of how lists, filtering, automation and nurturing work and how to utilise them for your business. 

So register now, buckle up, and get ready!!

Let's Curb The Chaos

Sometimes it can feel like there’s so much going on between the emails, the tech, the backend, and a million other things that it’s easier to just not do it. 

When you don’t have a system set up or you’re simply confused on how to use a platform it can mean one of two things: a lot of stagnation in your business or a whole hell of a lot of struggle to push to get something done.

I created this workshop for people, like you, who want to level up, be more present and show up in your business (and your life) the way you want to. 

And that starts with creating systems that work for you not against you. 

So when you’re taking a well deserved break you can rest easy.

Actually work IN your business rather than constantly ON it! 

Let’s Do This LIVE Together!

There’s something to be said about doing live trainings, especially when it comes to tech!

Stop scouring the internet for explanations & how tos (that might not even work for what you’re doing or aren’t working no matter how you’ve set it up).  Let’s work together, go through it step by step and have solid solutions to your platform functionality & actually begin to use it to it’s full potential.

$547 + HST | 10am - 4pm EST

Get $150 off now until Dec 25th - Use Coupon Code HOLIDAYBONANZA

(Includes BONUS 1hr coaching session after!)



Workshop Includes 1hr coaching session after to go over anything & help you with a plan of attack going forward

Hey There Bad Ass Boss! I'm Jacquie

Aka Startup Wingwoman

I love setting up systems, and automations has become a key element in both my life and for clients. They are vital to not pulling your hair out (and simply enjoying your life and your biz more)

I have been working one on one with clients for almost 8 years now guiding them through every tech issue imaginable. I have had my hands in dozens of different platforms, tackling set up, branding, organizing, duct taping platforms together, automating and nurturing lists. 

Throughout I make sure clients are trained and fully understand what they are doing and how to actually use these platforms they are paying for! 

Most of my clients literally reject technology (or maybe the tech rejects them). I understand the overwhelm they feel and have ALOT of practice in working with them to get through these issues, fears, and confusion to get to a place where they are confident in what they are doing and using their platforms to their full potential.

Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish in your business we can sit down, map it out and get you there.

Are You Ready?

Stuck in the manual way of emailing and coordinating? Or maybe you’re using Mailchimp or another free platform, not quite doing much with it, not quite knowing what to do in the back end but wanting something to level up your game. 

Free platforms are great, however when you’re looking to up your game some of these tools won’t help much. Or worse, start costing just as much as far superior platforms with less of the bang for your buck. 

This Workshop Is Perfect For You If….

What You'll Learn:

Set Up & Brand Your Platform

Learn where things are, how the platform works & make it your own

Import & Organize Your Contacts

Set up filtering using lists, segments and tagging & understand how to use filtering to send targeted emails.

Create Forms & Sign Up Pages

Create sign up forms for your site & share on socials for people to join your list

Build Out Your Very Own Automation

Learn how to set up automations and email funnels and build out your first nurture funnel

Learn How To Nurture & Figure Out Your CTAS

Learn how to nurture your clients further to your next call to action & create dynamic onboarding & offboarding funnels

Connect Your Platforms & Apps

Set up integrations & connect – zoom, booking system, payment gateway and more. Make sure you’ll pulling in any contact info from various outlets in your business.

Space Is Limited!

There are only 5 spots in each workshop so make sure you book in as soon as possible to get a spot!

I keep these workshops small so we can have plenty of one on one time to create solutions to any issues and have a better understanding of your CRM and how it functions.

$547 + HST | 10am - 4pm EST

Get $150 off now until Dec 25th - Use Coupon Code HOLIDAYBONANZA

(Includes BONUS 1hr coaching session after!)

Which Platform To Choose...

During this workshop we’ll be working live directly inside one of two CRMs. At the end of the day you’ll have a fully set up CRM ready to use and a full understanding of where everything is and how it works.

Participants must sign up for one of platforms we’ll be training in. Don’t worry! Both offer free trials to learn in and play around with. Giving you plenty of time to figure out if you want to keep the platform and what package would work best for you.

Whether you upgrade or stay with your old platform, you’ll have a better understanding of how lists, filters, triggers and automations work & how to utilise them.

By far my favourite platform to work in, this CRM literally has it all. If you’re wanting to grow and eventually create courses, memberships, events, affiliate programs, worksheets and payments this is the platform for you. 

Most CRM’s have limited triggers and automations. With Simplero…the sky’s the limit even at their most basic tier. I have built some of the most complicated automations and still haven’t run into any issues Simplero couldn’t do.

A great all in one solution. Even at their smallest tier you can still seriously benefit.

active campaign logo

Another powerful CRM, this platform offers automations and client management at a lower cost. It’s a perfect solution if you’re wanting to start using automations (same cost as mailchimp and wayyyy more flexibility and possibilities). 

Active Campaign offers list management, optin forms, and a variety of triggers, conditions, workflow, and sending options. If you’re just wanting to dive into automations and a more thorough client management this is the right platform for you. 

While you’ll still be duct taping platforms together to connect them, this is a great solution to start leveling up.

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Get $150 off now until Dec 25th - Use Coupon Code HOLIDAYBONANZA

Workshop full? Can’t make the dates? Email info@startupwingwoman.com for other upcoming dates.